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Client Projects


“Whalebone Films made me a brilliant documentary about a YouTube subculture that showed humour, sensitivity and imagination. They were always responsive and great collaborator. I look forward to working with them again!”

Charlie Phillips, The Guardian

“Chloe White uses simple techniques – talking head and archive footage – to tell Lee’s story. Refined, considered and moving, just like its remarkable interviewee.”

Dylan Cave, BFI, on An All-Encompassing Light (dir. Chloe White, 2014)

“Whalebone Films are spirited and collaborative creatives with great ideas and solid technical expertise. They respond brilliantly to feedback and I’ve worked with them on shoots. interviews and promo edits – the variety reflects their skillset.”

Charlie Henniker, BBC Worldwide

“Whalebone Films’ work is of a very high standard and they stand out from other film-makers in that they research and construct the structure of their films in a thorough fashion and really getting to know the subject. Often they deliver more than I’m expecting.”

Maya Gabrielle, National Theatre

“I’m super glad that we were able to work with Whalebone Films on this film. It feels rewarding and humbling to see the film put together in such an intelligent, mature and beautiful way by creative and talented people.”

Kaleb Warnock, Interreligious Dialogue Centre

“A deceptively simple, moving portrait of parts of our lives we hardly explore even though they make us who we are. Beautifully made. Tells us so much that is so personal in such brief flashes. It’s thrilling to peek at people’s private fixations.”

Lena Dunham, actress and filmmaker, on Hobbies (dir. Chloe White, 2011)

“Chloe and Will were absolutely brilliant to work with, they were very sensitive and responsive to our needs, and produced a really quality final film that really reflects our work and ethos as a company. We’re really grateful to Whalebone Films for being so collaborative, generous and enthusiastic throughout and we’d love to work with the team again.”

Liz Bacon, Anything Other theatre company

“It has been an absolute pleasure working with Whalebone. They beautifully captured the vibrancy and diversity of Kinston RPM: Records, People and Music, and we now have a lasting record of an incredible project. They were professional and worked with us effortlessly (a huge plus when you’re running around trying to deliver events). We can’t wait to work with them again!”

Molly Freeman, Creative Youth

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