Who Are We?


Whalebone Films was started by Chloe White and Will Davies in 2014. We are an award-winning production company based in London and Hastings. We specialize in producing creative, engaging and high-quality content for online, tv, cinema and radio. We work primarily in the non-fiction, short-film format and our repertoire includes documentaries, animated content, educational, promotional and fundraising films. We've produced films for the Guardian, BBC Three, Channel 4, Save the Children, Oxfam, the Barbican and have had our work screen at festivals around the world. We strongly believe in the power of film to tell stories, and in everything we create, we strive for beauty and originality, as well as to take our audiences on an unexpected journey.

Through our work we've been lucky enough to film in over 25 countries and have met some incredible people along the way.


Why Whalebone?

Whales and dolphins have a bone buried deep within each flank which is completely surrounded by muscle and isolated from the rest of the skeleton. These bones vary in size and position from one species to another but they invariably serve no function.

The common ancestors of all whales lived on the land, walked on four legs and looked something like a hippo. We know this because as sea mammals, whales breath air and bare living young whom the mother nurses with milk, unlike water-breathing fish. Another clue is in those mysterious bones hidden in the flesh which are all that is left of the whale’s back legs.

These little bones are beautiful and enlightening - qualities we hope to emulate in our films.