Who Are We?



Whalebone Films was established by Chloe White and Will Davies in 2014. We are an award-winning production company based in London and Hastings. We specialise in producing creative, engaging and high-quality content for online, tv, cinema and radio. We work primarily in non-fictioand our repertoire includes documentaries, animated content, educational, promotional and fundraising films. We've produced films for the Guardian, BBC Three, Channel 4, Save the Children, Oxfam and the Barbican among others and have had our work screen at festivals around the world.


At Whalebone we like to tell stories that get under the skin of the lived human experience. We feel that documentary storytelling is at its best when it reaches across our planet’s many cultural, geographical, political and various other divides, and works its magic in making the seemingly unrelatable relatable to a vast range of audiences.

In all of our work - across charity, commercial and independent cinematic docs - we leverage documentary’s ability to communicate ideas, engender empathy and offer journeys into little understood worlds. We believe that the personal can often be the best way into the political, and that upclose micro stories breath life and colour into the macro picture. In our commercial work we are diverse and responsive to briefs and can offer services across filmmaking, animation, photography and even audio. What characterises all of our work regardless of format, however, is always a thoughtful and considered approach, a strong artistic vision and emotionally taut storytelling that can move you from laughter to tears in one fell swoop.

Why Whalebone?

Whales and dolphins have an ancient bone buried deep within each flank which is completely surrounded by muscle and isolated from the rest of the skeleton. This bone varies in size and position from one species to another but it invariably serves no function.

These forgotten bones are crucial in telling us the much bigger story of the whale. As evolutionary remnants of a pelvic bone - which exists only for the purpose of moving the back legs - they tell us that whales once lived on land, walked on four legs and looked something like a hippo.

At Whalebone Films we take inspiration from this little bone - using a small thread or unexpected window to unlock the key to a much bigger picture.