The Stimming Pool

/Directed by Sam Chown-Ahern, Georgia Bradburn, Benjamin Brown, Robin Elliott-Knowles, Lucy Walker, Steven Eastwood
/Produced by Chloe White and Steven Eastwood

/Feature Documentary

/2023 (70 mins)

The Stimming Pool is an experimental – at times fantastical – hybrid feature film, co-created by a collective of autistic artists The Neurocultures Collective and filmmaker Steven Eastwood, who invite you into a neurodiverse world within the undulating logic of neurotypical environments.

Where before in any cinema concerning autism, autistic people are the subjects, here they are the drivers of the entire production and as a result we are taken on a visceral journey through the world as experienced – literally and metaphorically, consciously and subconsciously – by them.

Official selection

CPH DOX, 2024

DOXA, 2024